Wendy Holland

Wendy Holland, Director of communityvibe, is passionate about working with communities to create better places. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Recreation) and has over twenty years experience in the sport, recreation and community development field, having been employed in the private, public and not-for-profit sector in Australia and internationally.

Her previous positions include:

  • Working as a leisure planning consultant throughout Australia developing needs studies, feasibility studies, research projects, marketing plans, development plans, strategic plans and community consultations for a range of government, not-for-profit and community based groups.
  • Managing leisure services departments for various local government authorities in metropolitan and regional areas
  • Managing a community services department in local government
  • Working as a youth worker at high rise inner-city housing estates
  • Organising state and national conferences for various government and not-for-profit organisations
  • Assessing and monitoring state government grants and projects
  • Teaching community based tourism courses in Africa
  • Submission writing and sponsorship plan development in Australia and China

When the project demands, Wendy brings in a range of other skilled professionals to assist, e.g. landscape architects, traffic and civil engineers, natural resource specialists, finance specialists, etc.

To contact Wendy:
Office (03) 54433559
Mobile 0438 433555